The 10 best reasons to become Self Employed?

The 10 best reasons to become Self Employed?

Nothing beats being your own boss, doing what you enjoy and are passionate about….

Being self employed brings so many personal benefits such as a better work life balance. But most importantly all the hard work and effort you put in, translates directly into the success of your business.

There’s no more having to justify what your doing or proving your value to someone else…….

Here are some great reasons to take that next step and be your own boss….  

Self Employed

1) - Flexibility with how and where you work and removes the grind of commuting….

You can work from home, rent an office space, work on the move between client meetings, cafes and your main base, you can utilise co working spaces.  

But fundamentally you have choices and if you have the space inside your home, being self-employed gives you the option of working out of your home, which allows for zero commuting. 

2) - Be your own boss…

No more having to work under bosses who might not really know who you are, know your skills, or value, or perhaps you feel they have no idea what you do.  

There’s no more having to justify what you do or working your arse off for others.  

3) - Income Potential

When you work for a company, someone else determines how much you will earn, and some job positions have a salary cap. Being self-employed lifts this salary cap, and your income directly relates to your productivity. You can make as little or as much as you like. Increasing your income potential is often a matter of finding new clients or business. 

4) - Working hours to fit your needs……there’s no more worrying about your morning commute and making up the time when late in.

You get to choose when you work, you aren’t restricted and regimented to the 9 – 5 Monday to Friday. You get to select your own hours, establish your own schedule and dictate your own start and finish times.  Being self-employed gives you the freedom to decide when and where you will work. Set a schedule that allows you to work at times that best fit your needs. For example, if you have school-age children, you may delay work until they leave for school and conclude your workday when they arrive home. 

5) - No more stuffy suits or office dress code…….

No more corporate uniforms … can say goodbye to uncomfortable business suits and stifling ties. You can decide what is your own business style, and if you have no client meetings, you can wear whatever you want and are comfortable in and even model the latest flip flops.

Work life balance

6) - Better work-life balance……

No more problems with someone else piling work on your desk, expecting you to keep working late to meet their unreasonable last minute deadlines, meaning you miss family time, or being on holiday and feeling you need to be “on call” for your boss. Being self employed will give you a better work-life balance, as you can manage your own schedule, dictate what you are going to take one and manage your workload to be flexible and adaptable to your clients.  

7) - No more unpleasant clients you would never have taken on if it was up to you …...

When you are an employee, you are obliged to serve whatever client you are given, regardless of how unpleasant or difficult they are. But being self-employed means, you can choose who you want to work with, and the type of person and client that you want to have, this is called your “ideal client. There is no more having to step in and mediate a difficult situation with dissatisfied clients for another colleagues poor service. You are your own brand and therefore you can build the type of working relationships with your clients you want.

8) - No more drama or office politics ….

Some people find being within an office environment is filled with gossip, drama and office politics, all of which for some of us, we just can’t be bothered with, it is just unwanted drama. Also no more forced uncomfortable socials, Christmas parties and drinks after work with people you would probably not normally choose to spend your social time with.

9) - Career development and opportunities

There is no more waiting for your boss or employer to agree you can go on that course, or you can learn about something new, you are now able to explore any new skills you desire, with no one holding you back. You can succeed and develop your knowledge as much as is within your capabilities. You are free to grab opportunities as they come along. No more waiting for someone else’s approval. Being self-employed means being able to continually adapt, learn, and update your skills. 

Career Development

10) - Having Guilt free time off for illnesses or other personal reason………

If you’re employed and unwellperhaps you are feeling burnt out, unhappy, or suffering from mental health problems, all of which are often very taboo reasons to have time off, without feeling you must justify it, or perhaps worse, feel as though you cannot open up to your boss when you need time off, which is ridiculous and harmful to your welfare. 

This leaves the person with very little choice and often with a feeling of negativity and resentment when it comes to being unwell, needing time off or wanting to look after their health. 

However, being Self-employed this is not a problem, as the nature of working for ourselves brings a positive element to our lives, we are working for our own benefits, for our own goals and gains. Which means we can adapt our working demands to fit around any difficult times. 

And the bonus?

11) - Self employed people are happier than those employed….

In a recent survey undertaken in 2018, published in the journal Work, Employment and Society took data from 5,000 workers in the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia, identified that self employed people felt they didn’t take “sick days” or time off for health reasons as they are able to manage their workloads and have a healthier work life balance, which helps avoid burnout. They also do not experience the feeling of guilt for taking an afternoon off, or looking after their mental health, without feeling the need to justify it. 

There have been many reports published showing that self-employed people are generally happier, healthier and more successful then those employed.   

The survey that was conducted in 2018 found self employed people are happier and more engaged with their jobs than those working in any other professions. They also concluded that they found they were more successful in their careers and felt more satisfied with their professional contributions.  

Co-author professor Ilke Inceoglu from the University of Exeter added that self-employed workers typically experience greater career satisfaction because they feel that any rewards they experience are almost entirely down to their individual efforts. 

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