Blog and Content Writing

Do you need a blog, an article or content for your business?

We all know time is money. Therefore by outsourcing your blog and content writing requirements, you can not only free up your time but ensure your content is carefully researched and written. This helps to create content that keeps your readers engaged, encourages repeat business and educates the world about your brand. Which in turn, allows you to devote your time to running your business, focus on growing your profits and customers.

Your passion and enthusiasm for your business, idea, product, or service is fantastic, but it is not likely to be enough when you need to come up with regular and engaging content that entices your audience.

Blog and Content Writing

Benefits of outsourcing content & blog writing…

Saves Money

If you are building up your business or expanding and growing, you are unlikely to have the time to dedicate to create high quality & well-researched content. While you’re not generating business, you’re not making money, so why not make a financially savvy decision. The cost of a freelance blog or content writer will almost certainly be cheaper than losing your time from the business.

create regular content

It is essential to create regular content, which is fresh, engaging and relevant to your audience. We all know that as a business owner, it's hard to dedicate regular and consistent time to those non-business generating activities. A lack of time and resources is the most common reason for inconsistent content creation. Outsourcing this task to a freelance content writer can help you create and distribute content regularly. It will also have a consistent voice, tone and written style which you customers can come to enjoy, engage with and develop a loyalty in your followers and customers.

Frees up your time

to focus on conducting business Good content requires a lot of time, to research, plan, write, check and proofread. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, Time is Money! Are there activities besides content creation that you and your staff could and/or should be doing that will drive your profits up. It doesn’t make sense to use these income-generating roles who can directly impact the financial growth of the business when you can cost-effectively outsource.

Gain new perspectives

A fresh pair of eyes can provide a new way of thinking about your content marketing. They can take the time to understand your customers and their views of the business. An outsider’s view will help you challenge “we’ve always done it like this” thinking, and drive growth with innovative ideas and methods. Resulting in content that hooks readers and makes them stay and do what you want them to do, such as buy, follow, engage etc.

Our Promise

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand, your business, values, culture, brand and most important the message and tone you want to communicate.

We are here to support you in achieving increased website traffic, more engagement, increased sales and customers — to assist the growth of your business.

We are as invested in your success as much as you are!