Business Coach

Business Coach

My name is Heidi May and I am the owner of Oasis Business Support, providing an array of business support services to our clients, via the great team I have working with me. I am also fortunate to be able to share my knowledge, experience and expertise from over 13 years in corporate management roles to apply it to my role as a Business Coach who focuses on supporting small businesses.

I have worked in various industries and management roles which lead me along the route of business operations manager sitting alongside a board of Directors to support and guide them on internal business matters. Which I am now pleased to be able to apply and utilise this diverse experience and skill set to support small business owners.

As a business coach, I provide advice and support to help businesses grow and in turn enable the business owner to see real results. 

My background means I am able to translate my experience of working with larger businesses and apply this by evaluating and supporting you in all areas of your business, whether it’s your systems, policies or procedures, reviewing or establishing key strategic documents for your business, planning, problem-solving, raising awareness of your products/services, or finding greater efficiencies within the business to name but I few,  all of which in turn supports the core activities of your business which is selling your products or services.

No one fits all approach

Being a business coach there is no one fits all approach; every business and business owner has different needs and requirements and ideas of what success looks like for them. I pride myself in taking the time to listen, establish my clients core goals and understand what they want to achieve from working with me as their business coach.

But for me it is important to help my clients to achieve their goals, but to also provide them with practical hands-on support, to develop them as well, so they can maintain and manage their business long term.

In many instances small business owners need help, especially if they’re new and just starting out or growing a business.

But often business owners benefit from focused, dedicated support where they can build a relationship with the business coach whilst at the same time, it is important that as their coach I immerse myself in learning and understanding their business, their goals, expectations, what struggles they are experiencing and where you want your business to be in 1,3 and 5 years.  

It’s important that a business owner finds the right coach to meet their own needs, that you feel they understand you, your needs, your goals and values. But most importantly as people you need to connect with the adviser, as truth, honesty and integrity is at the core of the working relationship with a coach.

I can relate, as I am a business owner myself!

One aspect I find helps me support my clients, is that I myself am a business owner who started out with it being just me and have experienced the ups and downs of growing a small business. Therefore, I can strongly relate to my clients journey and know the difficulties and struggles they can expect, but also I’ve learnt by my own mistakes which only enables me to bring real life business acumen to my clients business.

My Aim

My aim is to get you focusing on your business, not just the now but the longer-term outlook. With an idea of where they want to be in the next few years, I can help you achieve this.

Establishing longer terms goals provides greater focus and direction for the business owner and business performance, but what is most important is to identify and set smaller goals to help your business stay on track and build the solid foundations to grow.

My Goal

My goal is to ensure my client gain professional, experienced business advice whilst developing their own skills, knowledge, understanding and resources necessary so they and their business can thrive long after I have gone.

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