Business Success and Resilience go hand in hand.

Business Success and Resilience go hand in hand.

Business Success and Resilience go hand in hand

Many times I get asked what can I do to be more successful?

There are many elements that a business owner needs to consider when establishing a startup or finding ways to grow their existing business. There are many factors that contribute but essentially business success and resilience go hand in hand and is strong characteristic within the mindset of a successful business person.

After reading an article recently where they were saying “One in 5 Brits want to go into business for themselves since lockdown”

It’s great to see that there is still a positive, entrepreneurial mindset across the UK, regardless of the recent challenges we all face. But again this is a result of a person’s positive and driven “can do” attitude.

During 2020, I have had many conversations with current business owners , where they are trying to figure out, not only their how sustainable their business is, but what are the needs of their customers during this time, how can they serve them, as well as juggling the all-important need to make an income. Being robust and adaptable are at the core of riding out these tough times. Businesses and owners are having to deal with so much uncertainty making decisions can seem harder. But success comes from making clear steps forward and seeing new ways of adapting and embracing opportunities.

To be honest there is no definitive golden bullet of success during such uncertainty.

But what you can do is Plan, Do, Check and Act.

These four elements will put you in great stead. With a well thought out plan provides you with clearer thinking of how you and your business can implement, reflect/review and adjust during these times.

Business Success and Resilience go hand in hand

Business Success and Resilience

The approach of applying these 4 core elements offer a solution based thinking method for a business owner. Which inevitably supports a more positive and optimistic mindset to your decision-making process. The PDCA can provide a clearer way to identify new ideas, consider how you can achieve them, and then assess and review the advantages and disadvantages. This encourages a business owner to undertake a continuous review of what they are doing, the why, and the results.  

But being able to see opportunities and identifying ways you can work towards more success for your business comes down to your mindset, and at the core of this thinking is resilience as not everything you will do or change will have the expected results which is often due to external factors outside of your control, like pandemic lock down, change in shopping trends among many others. So being resilient and not letting any challenges set you back is crucial

It can be easy to find doubts and challenges creep into your mind and become a stronger barrier than seeing the positives and opportunities, this is where it can be so beneficial to talk with others, and often work with a Business coach. It is key to maintain a resilient and clear mind to be receptive to new avenues, that often talking with someone looking in from the outside in, they can support you in the process of seeing the options around you, routes, actions, and most importantly potential results to support you in achieving that positive and resilient attitude in the face of any challenge.

It’s important for all business owners during these unpredictable economic times to try and be as adaptable and resilient as possible, to see past the obvious difficulties and to minimize the effect of setbacks that could block your vision, goals, plans, and success. Most importantly its key to remember that perseverance, focus, clear direction, support, and advice are all around you. You will always have the right building blocks in place to get through the toughest times and see the light at the end of the tunnel, with a positive mental attitude even during the biggest challenges.

Business Success and Resilience
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