Business Support Packages

Business Support Packages

If you're starting your own business or have been in business for a few of years, we all have the same goal…… WE WANT IT TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

That’s why, it is a smart business owner, who can recognise the skills, knowledge and expertise that they are not confident or familiar with and in turn actively seek the Business support, advice, information and knowledge, to give your business the best possible chance of success.

The one thing I remind all my clients is “you can’t know everything about every aspect of running a business.”  You can’t be an expert at everything. There will always be areas you may need help and support…. and it is a sensible and wise business owner who looks to bring in the knowledge to compliment theirs.

A KEY DIFFERENCE with the support that you get from OASIS BUSINESS SUPPORT is that……

Alongside the help, advice and guidance we provide we also deliver HANDS PRACTICAL SUPPORT, to help you apply all the information, knowledge and advice you have gathered to your business. This is often where our clients say they struggle and often don’t implement changes they know will make their business more successful because they don’t know how to, where to or have the time and skill set to begin.



We tailor our support to meet your individual needs as a business owner.

The start-up package

Inspire and grow your business idea

Ideal for business owners in their early stages of a Start up business or for a business in the early months or years. The aim is to provide the support and advice to ensure their business is sustainable and manageable and that the business owners time is being utilised in the right areas and aspects of the business and not finding themselves working for the business, rather than on their business. As this is a recipe for burn out.


  • After the initial meeting we will we provide an assessment/report, by a business support manager who will review your business, business idea and take the time to understand the current areas you are looking for support in and provide a clear and achievable assessment of the best approach for achieving your desired and agreed goals from our support.
  • This could include looking at how to start a business plan, get clearer thinking of your business product and service offerings, business competitors, what type of marketing and social media would be best for your new business.
  • Often we will provide mentoring to help support the business owner, during this exciting and at times tough journey.
  • We will formulate an approach to tackling the actions into areas of priorities and construct a time line for approaching/implementing each step.
  • Our aim is to help focus you and your time to approach your needs in the more efficient and effective manner to remove the feeling of needing to be doing everything immediately. We also identify where we can provide hands on practical support to remove immediate tasks off your long to do list to assist you in moving your idea or business forward.
  • Help you develop your USP (unique selling point)
  • Review or discuss process, procedures, policies, current software, applications to ensure you use the most useful resources available and if you have any in place that they are providing you with the results you require.
  • A personalised support programme, including guidance, advice and hands on support, learning, leading to help our clients implement the changes.
  • Support you in ensuring you are positioning your business as effectively as possible in your target market and with your customers. Providing market research or content writing is often required and this is an additional service we can look to add to this portfolio of support.
Start up 1
  • Provide listening support to work through any ideas or current issues with your business to remove that feeling of doing it alone.
  • Support you with building your confidence with the challenges of learning to sell yourself and support your journey through understanding networking.
  • Dedicated support in an area where additional resources, and hands on support is required. For example; research for funding, market research, social media content, admin workload.
    Ongoing support after business start-up

Business Support Packages

The Growth Package

Develop and expand your business.

It’s vital to ensure you have the right building blocks in place as a foundation for growth and future-proofing your business.


  • Identifying the client’s key objectives and longer-term business goals, to provide them with the advice and necessary tools to scale-up and grow their business.
  • To support their ambitions to expand their business, with reliable, practical advice and hands-on support that is tailored to their business needs.
  • We want to work alongside businesses with the desire to expand their offering and push the boundaries of their original idea/business. Growth can mean many different things, such as job creation, product innovation, new services of products, new customer markets, new industries.
  • Undertake research to support growth ideas.
  • Help create a SWOT analysis to ensure your businesses USP is still helping you stand out from the crowd.
  • Support redefining existing business plans, business competitors, business marketing and social media opportunities.
  • Undertake a review of the businesses current position which could include areas such as current position in the market, customer services, policies, systems, software and applications, customer perceptions, pricing and online presence.
  • Help build a realistic growth plan for your business and identify areas where additional practical hands on support would be of benefit, alongside ascertaining any specialised support would benefit.
  • Work together to create a plan with realistic achievable goals to work towards your goal, whether that’s a 1 year, 5 year you define your own journey and time frame.
  • Support you in ensuring you are positioning your business as effectively as possible in your target market and with your customers. Providing market research or content writing is often required and this is an additional service we can look to add to this portfolio of support.
  • Support with growing a strong, dependable team around you.  Consider direct employees, outsourcing, freelancers. With any HR aspects for growing your business and ensuring positive communication across your business.
  • Review your current processes and procedures and understand how fit for purpose they are suggest alternatives that can offer greater synchronisation between systems and applications, to remove duplication of work and provide you with better information/data and suitable and robust for the future of the business.
  • Consider any future compliance implications, such as GDPR or legal aspects that might after or have an implication for the future growth.
  • Providing support with growing yourself as a manager and dealing with day to day employee matters.
  • Support with identifying new external opportunities to grow your business, such as events, networking groups, trade fayres, conferencing, helping to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

The Value of working with us

We work to bring solutions to your problems through utilising our expertise, knowledge and skill set. We provide added value by applying our years of working in a number of different industries and business to enable us to work with each client in a individual and tailored basis by identifying and implementing only what will truly provide results, the right building blocks and remove any barriers.