Business Support Services

We find that most Small-business owners love what they do. they treasure the relationships they have with all of their customers and they rely heavily on both their regular clients as well as new customers to sustain and grow the business in terms of profit but also to spread the word to others about their company.

The key question most business owners forget to ask is……. How do I know how well my business is performing?

If a business owner doesn’t take the time to step back and review/audit the business, they cannot know how their business is really performing, how successful it is and what if anything is not working or holding the business back.
Understanding where the business is now and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the business, whether that is a process, systems, or a person’s time, you can’t sustain growth.

A business owner can’t do everything in the business on their own. What is key for a small business is that they stay relevant to their customers’ needs, this often means they have to work at being more innovative, review where they are, perhaps add new products to their shelves and show added value to their customers through their services.

Business Support Services

Most small businesses are ever-changing to keep up with changing needs, expectations and demands.

In a recent survey by The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) who contacted over 1,600 found that the majority of small business owners felt their business is being held back because of the amount of time they spend on business administration and not knowing why the back office work has become so draining on their time.

The average small business owner felt they spent over 30 hours a month dealing with internal admin and operational aspects, which represents almost a quarter of an individual’s working hours a month.

Rectifying this loss, can’t be achieved without additional business support behind the scenes helping them deal with the day to day churn of the operational activities which often culminate in time consuming administrivia tasks.

At Oasis Business Support, we understand there will always be a long to do list of jobs such as, conducting a review of the business, customer service, data entry, CRM work, mail shots, social media, marketing, invoicing, market research, or client satisfaction activities, to name but a few. All these aspects take a business owner away from what is key……which is selling to customers and generating an income.

Good news is that Oasis Business Support are here to help and can support you, by taking these jobs off your hands.

We offer services that meet each client’s individual needs, we tailor our services and support to fit.

There is no one shoe fits all, which allow us to provide a specific service and approach that supports your needs the best.

Understanding the needs of our clients?

Scope Meeting

Discovery Call

We will always conduct an initial 30min free discovery call with each client to understand what you are looking for, what your company does, what you foresee are the areas you would like support in and what your goals and expectations are from Oasis Business Support.
We are led by our client’s needs and always adopt an approach of collaboration that provides a professional, highly skilled, experienced and confidential service.
All the work we provide is in line with the client’s goals, aspirations for their business.


Then on an agreed basis Oasis Business Support, will provide regular updates to our clients on the work we are providing. This can be by email or phone. To ensure the client is still receiving the level of service they expect and if there are any changes in their requirements.


How do we work with our clients?

We work in several different ways with our clients, as each business will have different requirements.

Here are some of the approaches we adopt.

Review of your business

We offer an Audit service for businesses of any size, which will include guidance, help and advice on all aspects of the business, to help identify efficiencies, cost savings, areas of improvements and most importantly what you don’t need to do.

Without undertaking an audit of your business, you cannot know you are still on track with your business plan, market position, customer requirements or financial and strategic goals.

Often it can the simplest and most overlooked aspect that could be holding your business back. We also find third party suppliers and service providers can have a real impact on your business.

An Audit allows a business owner to have a true and unbiased picture of how their business is really operating, to help make better- and well-informed business decisions.

At Oasis Business Support, we will provide FEEDBACK and, RECOMMENDATIONS.

We do not purely provide you with our Audit finding and walk away. WE WIL CONTINEU TO WORK WITH YOU TO APPLY THE CHANGES, this often involves Oasis Business Support, being integrated for a period of time to implement and ensure everything is working how you want.

We like to actively support and work within our client’s businesses to ensure they are receiving the best possible service and value for money.

One off tasks/Projects

We are often brought in to do one off tasks or projects. This could be a market research project or perhaps assisting with content writing, or setting up a corporate event for a client, or proving them with customer enquiries emails during a busy period for their business.

Regular defined support

On the other hand if the client would prefer a more prescriptive approach, we also provide support on an ongoing basis where we undertake defined tasks on a regular freeing up the client and or their business colleagues to continue to focus on the day to day running of the business.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer services and involvement with our clients that suit their requirements. There is no one approach fits all.

We truly believe we bring a level of knowledge, skills and expertise from our background of managing offices and administration departments, to be able to provide a professional and skilled service.

Here is a list of some of the more recent tasks we have undertaken for our clients:

  • Writing up admin procedures
  • Creating processes, procedures and workflows
  • Creating electronic filing systems
  • Consolidating records and databases.
  • Providing email management
  • Product, Market or Job research activities and reports
  • Writing standardised templates
  • Blog or content writing
  • Setting up records, filing systems and spreadsheets.
  • Supporting marketing activities
  • Undertaking customer satisfaction activities
  • Review and source supplier and service providers.
  • Writing up CV, job description.
  • Invoicing

We predominantly work virtually for the day to day administrative side of support we provide.
However, for the areas such as event planning, reviews of systems and processes and meeting minute taking, these would be provided on site.

We enjoy working closely with all our clients and being able to provide them the most suitable working relationship for them.