Our Clients

Our clients come from all industries and vary in size from a self-employed person to a medium-sized company.

Regardless of your size, or structure, we provide the same commitment, work ethic and high standards. We work closely with every client and provide you with the business support you need to help you achieve the results, changes and success you seek.

This could be achieved by us supporting your business in its processes and procedures, or a review of the current working practices or to assist you to grow your business through social media or even to purely remove the burden of dealing with the day to day admin tasks of running a business, to free up you and your colleagues time to focus on what you do best.

All of this is achievable for our clients, without needing to commit the business to the financial constraint of directly employing a member of staff.

We often work remotely with our clients but can offer the flexibility of working alongside you at your office or business premise. Whatever works for you.

It is often said that people who are successful in business are those who take the time to listen and consider others advice, learn from failures, are motivated to succeed and observe the actions and results of others. They also seek the right people, expertise and knowledge to work alongside them to achieve their goals.

Client Support


Working with Heidi and her team at Oasis Business Support turned things around for my business.

Working with Heidi and her team at Oasis Business Support turned things around for my business. I worked with Heidi as a business advisor/manager for me and her level of knowledge and expertise in running a business and operational best practice and systems is very impressive. I was struggling to grow my business and as they say, i was working hard and not smart. My business (a building surveying firm) was about 3 years old and my small team and I were just swamped with poor systems and processes and just weren’t growing our client base or projects in the way I wanted to. Working with Heidi on the strategy and operational improvements was amazing, we made real positive changes and small investments in systems, which meant we could increase the number of projects we were working on and lower our turn-around times. But it was also her team, they worked with us for 4 months to put in place systems, helped with the backlog or admin and more importantly our social media, which we still use them for, now 12 months on. A great company. Thanks for all your help. Rob Barton (Aspen Surveying)

Thank you, Oasis Business Support!

About Music Speaks
Heidi May has been supporting my business, Music Speaks, since June 2019. As the owner of a small but growing business in the field of Music and Wellbeing, my clients are predominantly charities and residential care settings specialising in stroke and dementia care. By mid-2019 I had reached a point where I knew I needed additional support. While the specialist Music and Wellbeing sessions I was delivering were highly successful, as my schedule became increasingly busy I was struggling to keep on top of my routine administrative tasks such as invoicing and record-keeping – I also desperately wanted to further improve my website and develop my business in other ways.

Business support
Heidi’s support has made a huge difference. She has a fantastic understanding of how to help a small business grow, along with the skills, experience and confidence to make this happen: from ensuring that the routine, everyday tasks such as invoicing, responding to clients’ queries, diary-keeping and record-keeping are completed to a high standard and on time, to taking on discrete projects such as ensuring my business meets with GDPR guidelines, developing policy documents and consent forms, and reviewing and developing my business’s website.

Shared ethos
From our very first conversations, Heidi made it an immediate priority to get to know my business and the way it works, and to develop a real understanding on my own values and vision for its future (over the coming years I would like to build awareness of my work and the field I work in, and develop resources to support others working in this area). Professional, approachable and friendly from the outset, she recognises the importance of the positive relationships I have with my clients and I trust her completely to ensure these are maintained. I am incredibly happy to have found in Heidi, and Oasis Business Support, an excellent level of support which also fits so well with my own business ethos and values.
Heidi, I have every confidence in you: I know my business is very safe in your hands and I am excited to see how it will develop and grow with your support over the coming months and years.
Thank you!

A great business, with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind what they offer....

As a small business owner, I was often told everything that I needed to do but found it impossible to implement. Oasis gives you hands-on practical help to ensure you actually get things done, this has saved me loads of time and means I can grow my business effectively rather than being stuck tackling ever-growing to-do lists! Management skills have also been a huge challenge for me as I had no experience in this area and Oasis have helped me navigate some really difficult situations. They’ve also helped me to put in place systems and procedures going forward that means I don’t have the same issues again. Thank you so much for your help! Looking forward to continuing to work with you!

Great knowledge and really tailors the support......

I worked with Heidi of Oasis Business Support for about 4 months, to help me to get my business to work for me as I was feeling like I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. I had just started to take on staff, due to the amount of work I was getting, but struggled with how to make what I was doing as a self-employed person, to be relevant for a growing business with staff, and maintain my high standards. My business is an architectural firm and there’s A LOT of admin. But most importantly I have built up my business through my hard work and reputation. So then bringing in people to help me was difficult and knowing what to do with policies, documentation, systems, CRMs and delegation etc were all so completely alien. I am so glad that Heidi May worked with me so closely and helped me and my business….. we are just a million miles away from the days where we were struggling with how to make the business more efficient, successful and work for me as a business owner. Thank you, Heidi, it would be a pleasure to work with you again, you showed you cared about my business and that was greatly appreciated.