Minute Taking Service

New service now available nationwide

Have you ever tried to take minutes while also chairing or taking part……it is practically impossible….. you lose track of where you are & can’t properly partake in discussions.

Therefore, an independent minute taker is there to help, take this tricky juggling act off your hands. This then leaves you and your team to focus on the content, discussion, and outcomes of the meeting.  

 To assist you with your meetings, we provide highly skilled professionals to provide note-taking/minute taking services.

Some of the types of meetings we are often asked to attend by our clients are: 

  • Board meetings
  • Informal meetings
  • Business Meetings
  • Operational meetings
  • HR related meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Charities
  • Sport Committee Clubs
  • Local brownie and scout groups 
  • Other regional organisations.
Minute Taking

The benefits of using an outsourced minute taker:

  • You will receive professional impartial comprehensive minutes; in the format and style, you prefer.  
  • We will always act in an Independent and Confidential manner with all the information we deal with.  
  • The Minute taker is experienced and understands the techniques required for providing comprehensive and concise minutes.  
  • Your minutes will be delivered promptly and professionally, without the need to take a member of the group/business away from their core activities.

Whatever your requirements are, we can offer you professional, reliable and accurate minute taking services to meet your needs. The minute-taker is highly skilled and professionally presented. They are impartial and adhere to strict rules of confidentiality. 

What clients' need to know:

To ensure you get the most efficient support service for your meetings, it is advisable for you to send relevant information to us before the meeting, such as: 

  • Time, Date and location of the meeting. 
  • List of expected attendees. 
  • Name of roles/positions held within the group/meeting.  
  • Related documents and company information to the meeting.  
  • A copy of the previous minutes. 
  • An agenda – unless you have agreed for us to assist in creating the agenda
minute taking

If you have a preferred format for the minutes to be transcribed please ensure you send this through to us prior to the meeting, to avoid any delays.  

We will always be in contact with our client before the meeting to discuss the requirements and exactly what information you expect to be prepared. 

The Minutes

We will always deliver a first draft copy of your minutes within a matter of days after the meeting. Anything of urgency can be discussed with us before the meeting and we will always endeavor to meet our client’s needs. 

We will send the first draft of the minutes to the chairperson or named contact from the meeting for their review, approval and for any amendments they would like to make. We will then update the minutes and send a final version by email or uploaded onto a file-sharing site along with any documents that have been provided to us. We do not keep client documentation past the point of delivering the final version of the minutes. 

As a standard practice, we will use a secure document transfer for any documentation.