Strategy Sessions

Strategy sessions

let's unravel those challenges

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or a budding new startup, you will need to make decisions constantly and you will find you have new ideas or identify new opportunities with each day. The next step is having the confidence in yourself to turn those into reality. This can be tough as we can often feel alone in this process if you do not have someone to discuss it with.

Talking it through with someone from a business & coaching background can be hugely valuable and make a real difference to your business.  It will help you understand the challenges and difficulties you might be experiencing and encourage you to see the situation from a broader perspective, which will support you in making the best decisions for you and your business now and in the future.

This is where a business coach and strategy sessions can make the difference and support you in your journey.

Sometimes the decisions we need to make, or ideas we have can seem overwhelming or just unclear in our minds.

When a person is not sure how to move forward, it can become a real barrier to success, and that is exactly what we want to eliminate.

But having set up several businesses myself means I can relate to your journey and challenges. I can understand your situation, which means I can help you develop clearer thinking, techniques and objectivity to your circumstances and support you in finding the best way forward.

Therefore, the process of discussing, brainstorming, identifying actions and goals, are all key to unlocking not only the stumbling block you are experiencing but also in advancing the situation and making great strides towards success.

This is where the one to one strategy sessions are highly beneficial, as the sole purpose and goal are for you to come away with actions, greater focus and a better understanding.

The sessions are all about moving forward, about working through your ideas, problems, or barriers, to then develop clear thoughts, direction, and answers.

The key to success starts with having the right knowledge and information. Together we can drive you and your business forward.

What are some of the benefits of a strategy session?

  • Provides accountability by setting your targets, timeline and key priorities for the next 3/6 12 months depending on the discussion.
  • Helps develop greater detail and understanding of a new idea, options to diversify or business growth.
  • Gives you confidence in the direction you are taking the business.
  • Supports you in understanding how you are going to deal with the business challenges you are facing.
  • It  will help you to be clear about what you need to do, and what action you will take.

The Sessions

A strategy session takes place either at your place of work, off-site or virtually via Zoom/Skype but I always suggest somewhere quiet with few distractions.

It will last for 2 hours.

There is an initial short conversation or email before the session to identify what you want to cover, to ensure focus during the session.

You will come away with more clarity.

You will have information and tools to help yourself.

You will have a clear plan of action to move forward.

My Promise

You will always leave our session with a clearer understanding, a list of actions and goals, which together we will ensure you are comfortable with. I support all my clients on their journey, so you never need to feel alone with your challenges.

The cost is £180 for 2 hours with Heidi.

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